Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I need a name please...

Yr12 - Glacial Movement, Erosion and Glacial Landforms

A reminder at the start of Monday's lesson about glaciers as systems, anatomy of a glacier, etc. and also recap of thermal regimes(!). We then looked at different ways in which glaciers move, formation of crevasses, and then processes of erosion.

You then began to look at various glacial erosional and depositional landforms. Remember that for next Monday, you need to be ready to teach the rest of the group about your landform or landforms, including:

- description
- process of formation
- alternative names
- examples (located)
- photographs, and OS maps

If you need any resources, or any help, let me know BEFORE the weekend...

North Norfolk Coast SMP DME - Yr13

Coastal Concern Action Group for Happisburgh

EDP 24 (Norfolk News and Property Search)

North Norfolk District Council

DEFRA Flooding and Coastal Erosion

Environment Agency - Managing the Coast