Friday, 2 October 2009

RGS Learning & Leading Gap Year Scholarships

The Gap Year scholarships that I mentioned this morning are offered by the RGS. You need to be planning to do something geographical in terms of further study, and commit to being an RGS Ambassador (visiting schools and talking to students about Geography and why it's so fab!)... Scholarships of up to £4000 available!

More info here but if you think that you might want to apply for this, you need to get a wriggle on as the application deadline is 18th October.

Global Fellowship...

Will add posts over the weekend as a reminder of the lessons of the last week or so, but just been reading about the Global Fellowship programme that we talked about this morning.

I can't see the details of the application process as you have to register first, but there is lots of information on the website, and the more I read about it, the more I think it sounds like a fantastic opportunity and that some - or all - of you should apply!

The website is here and the deadline for applications is 18th December 2009.

Give me a shout if you decide that you want to apply and need a reference. Also, pass the details on to anyone else you think might be interested - non-geographers welcome too!