Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Meant to post about this ages ago but don't think I ever did!! GeoTube is a collection of geography related videos from YouTube and other such places, and although primarily aimed at Geography teachers, there is lots of really useful stuff on there so if you fancy a change from reading through your notes and essay practice, have a look!!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Geomorphological Hazards...

The BGS "report an earthquake" page that we mentioned but couldn't find in the lesson is here: BGS - Have you felt an earthquake?

The BGS also has a rather nice education booklet (although it is less nice because it is in Comic Sans... BGS - Earthquake Education Booklet and excellent landslide case study resource - well worth a look, especially as we didn't spend an awful lot of time on landslides. Landslide case studies

A reminder about the Italy and China earthquake links that you have on your handouts:

Italy earthquake - BGS report

Italy earthquake interactive map (BBC) (as always with the BBC - check out the links to related stories on the right hand side too)
How the Italy earthquake happened BBC video clip
(and links from there to lots of other video clips)
The Big Picture

China Earthquake In Depth (BBC)
One Year On - Special Coverage (China Daily)
China Earthquake One Year On (National Geographic)
Recent report about tourism in Sichuan Province (synoptic!!)