Monday, 30 June 2008

Fancy going to meet Old Harry?!

I will speak to you properly about it on Wednesday, but you might like to have a look at this... The RGS are offering 16 AS/A2 students the opportunity to take part in a Fieldwork Summer School from 25th-29th August at the Townsend Centre in Swanage...

The Townsend Centre is the field centre I went to back in October, and it was a fantastic weekend... The week is aimed at students who have completed AS, are planning to do A2, and who may be considering studying Geography at university, and who may not otherwise have the opportunity to do fieldwork like this... And - the entire cost of the week (food, accommodation, travel to and from Swanage) will be met by the RGS!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Some very good mini-lessons today - well done.

We looked at rias, fjords, raised beaches and relict cliffs. We talked about eustatic and isostatic sea level change (we will talk about this more at a later date).

We also looked at geos, blowholes, cracks, caves, arches, stacks, stumps, headlands and bays, wave-cut notches and wave-cut platforms. We also considered concordant and discordant coastlines.

Make sure that you are clear about all of these!

The revision website that Laura mentioned is - there is some useful stuff on there but I've just spotted several mistakes in the bits I've looked at so be careful!! The S-Cool site that I have mentioned before is also handy.

If you are in the group that were not ready today, make sure that you are sorted for Friday (I will definitely be in school, and so there will definitely be a lesson).

Also, a reminder about Wales money/permission slips... Someone asked if you can pay all the money at once - absolutely you can if you/parents are happy to do that!! The sooner it's sorted the better!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


...was the verdict of the inspectors this afternoon!

The eight Year 12 geographers who spent today at the British Geological Survey worked very hard researching and preparing arguments for or against the development of a new quarry ready to present at the public inqury. They were supported by experts from the BGS, and from companies such as Tarmac, and had an interesting insight into the work of these organisations, and how the planning process works.

Well done again to all of you - you participated and contributed brilliantly, you were pleasant, polite and generally great (and you certainly held your own with the "posh people"!!)... Thank you for making it such an excellent day!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Welcome back Year 12!

In our first lesson after your exams, we looked at the A2 course.... talked about the topics we will be covering... and looked at the links between them (synopticity!!).

We also mentioned Donald Trump's proposals to develop a £1 million golf resort in Aberdeenshire. Mr Trump gave evidence at a public inqury yesterday, and is considering an appeal after his plans were rejected.

Today, we started to look at Coasts. We talked about the coast as an open system (inputs, processes and outputs) and then looked at lots of different coastlines - what factors affect the shape, form and appearance of the coastline, and why is there so much variation?