Thursday, 24 July 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hope that work experience went well...

Enjoy your holidays - whatever you are doing... If you are going away somewhere, send us a postcard, and remember to take lots of geographical photos!

And remember to keep visiting Geogtastic and Geogtastic6!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Introduction to Cold Environments

We started today to have a look at some Cold Environments work ready for the North Wales visit in September (speaking of which, most of you still owe me some money!!!).

We talked about what we meant by "cold environments" - past and present. We had a brief look at the geological timescale - the sheet I gave you came from the Keele University Earth Sciences Department and you can also check out the BGS's interactive version here.

We then talked about what a glacier is, how ice forms, and the different types of glacier.

An excellent website about glaciers and glaciation to have a look at is Dr. Peter G. Knight's website. The book that he mentions on the website is also excellent, and whilst there is no obligation for you to buy this (or any other) book, it certainly wouldn't be a waste of money!

You can link to the Amazon page for the book by clicking on the picture below, although it appears not to be available from there at the moment. You might be able to find a copy on that well-known auction site, or in a bookshop, or from the Geographical Association shop (worth bearing in mind that GA members get a discount... and I am a GA member...).

Don't forget please, that for Tuesday, you need to have found out a specific example (with location) of each of the types of glacier that we talked about today.