Thursday, 28 January 2010

Year 13 - Montserrat

A reminder that this morning we talked about Montserrat and the eruption of Soufriere Hills which began in 1995. The first of these videos is the National Geographic one that wouldn't work, and then there are two others - the one we watched part of towards the end of the lesson, and the Pan-American Health Organisation one.

The Montserrat Volcanic Observatory website has lots and lots of useful information, and it's worth a look at their Flickr photostream and the thermal videos.

Your A3 case study sheet needs to be handed in to Mrs Chambers on Thursday next week (4th).

Year 12 - Cold Environments

Your work for Miss Taylor is: have a look at this website - visit the "Birth, Growth and Decay" and "Living Ice" sections. Choose two photos that you feel demonstrate well the processes of glacial formation and flow we have begun to explore (I've said two to lessen the chance of you all choosing the same one!)

Email them to me (type "taylore" and cc "vel" in your school email address bar) by 7pm on Sunday evening.

Choose carefully, as I will be asking you to present your photos to explain what they show. The captions with the photos will help you.

Have a nice weekend.

Friday, 8 January 2010

A Menagerie of Monikers...

Do you know your Tigers from your PIGs? Or your BRICs from your NICs? Interesting article from The Economist here which is useful background reading (something you all need to be doing more of!!).